The first thing newcomers need to understand is that Absalom is huge. If they thought it was a long walk from the Great Hall to the Kendall Amphitheater in Korvosa, that’s trivial compared to Absalom. The city stretches more than 7 miles from Azlant Keep to the Starwatch Tower, and just over 5 miles from Westgate to Eastgate. It’s population of more than 300,000 means it has more than triple the residents of Egorian (capital of Cheliax). Every district within Absalom is larger than most other cities, and in fact districts are run as sub-cities, with their own councils and guards.

N metropolis | Government: council (Grand Council composed of 12-member High Council of major nobles, religious dignitaries, and merchants, and 49-member Low Council of district representatives, popular heroes, lesser priests, and so on. Major power is invested in the Primarch, who technically controls the Council but is in many ways also held in check by its powers.) | Purchase Limit: 170,000gp
Population: 303,900 (64% human, 11% halfling, 8% half-elf, 7% gnome, 5% dwarf, 2% elf, 1% half-orc, 2% other races)
Corruption +2; Crime +4; Economy +7; Law +2; Lore +5;
Society +8
Qualities academic, holy site, magically attuned, prosperous, strategic location, tourist attraction
Danger +10
Notable NPCs:
Lord Gyr of House Gixx, Primarch of Absalom, Protector of Kortos, First Spell Lord
Goodman Hugen, High Councilor, First Harbormaster, Scion Lord of House Lyrandar
Asilia of Gyr, Captain of the Starwatch, commander of the warship Hurricane Wings
Nuar Spiritskin, “The Minotaur Prince of Absalom,” influence peddler
Brythen Blood, High Curator of the College of Mysteries
Ambrus Valsin, Venture-Captain, Chamberlain of the Grand Lodge
Lady Darchana of House Madinani, Archdean of The Arcanamirium, Second Spell Lord
Spellcasting: 9th
Minor Items availability varies by district, but virtually all items are available if one knows where to look; Medium Items 4d4 items; Major Items 3d4 items

Absalom by District

Map of Absalom

Getting to Know Absalom


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